Friday, 10 May 2013

Cricket goes to Singapore with Chanel

When I heard that Karl was taking the Chanel Cruise 2014 collection to Singapore I was interested to see the cultural references in the clothes. The Chanel Cruise collections are always some of the most extravagant and vibrant, really taking cues from its host city. 

If you have seen the Singapore collection you may have missed the cultural references, but they are there... somewhere. The jackets, for example, reference the fisherman jackets of the 1800's which have few buttons, many pockets, and come in many shades of beige. Further, Karl states the black and white palette is similar to that of the curtains that can be seen hanging in the homes across the city. 

Beyond that, the references seem to stop, and what we are left with is a classic Chanel collection, only better. The Cruise collection is one of the best I have seen from Karl in a few seasons. Sure, it isn't ground breaking, but it is beautiful. The fit of all the wide leg pants is spot on. The draping of pearls on just about anything is perfect. And those last three evening dresses? Divine. 

And of course, it wouldn't be a Chanel collection without a gimmick. I am not too sure what Cricket has to do with Singapore, but I am all for those whites. 

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